I don’t understand the letters that the insurance company sent me.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance companies re-use the same letters over and over! They may send out the same letter in every case; they may send you same letter numerous times. They use the same letter over and over to address different situations and to satisfy certain legal requirements. They have developed “boilerplate” letters that are confusing and border on unintelligible. A lot of the letters seem to get sent over and over again for no seeming purpose. Often the letters are harmless but they can cause anxiety for an injured worker.

You must watch out for letters advising you about your right to request a panel Qualified Medical Evaluator (Panel QME). There is a ten day time limit to make the request. If you do not send in the request, the insurance company will be able to select a QME. It is important to select a QME in a good specialty who will care about you and your injury. The insurance company will no doubt attempt to select a company doctor who will not look out for your interests.

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