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FAQ, Subsequent Benefits Trust Fund

What Is a SIBTF Claim And Am I Entitled To Additional Money From The State Of California after my Workers Compensation Settles?

The Subsequent Injuries Benefit Trust Fund is a fund that was created to provide additional benefits to injured workers who suffer a work injury and had a pre-existing, labor disabling injury or condition, prior to the work injury. The prior disability can be from any cause, and thus does not have to be a prior workers’ compensation case. Often it is a prior car accident, genetic condition (learning disability, diabetes, hypertension, etc.), workers’ compensation injury, etc.

If your overall level of disability is over 70% and your last work injury is over 35%, or 5% if the current injury is opposite of the pre-existing disability (i.e. current is right arm and prior was left arm) you may be entitled to additional money that is paid for the rest of your life. This area of the law is specialized and there are many issues to discuss.

If you have had prior labor disabling injury/s or condition/s (i.e. prior workers compensation case, motor vehicle accident, child or adult injuries from every day life, learning disability, psychological condition, etc.) and you now have a work related injury, you should discuss with your attorney whether you entitled to additional money from the state, once your workers compensation case ends.

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