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Bay Area Workers’ Compensation Successful Settlements

This is just a small selection of the successful Workers’ Compensation Settlements our Attorney has gotten his local clients:


–Max C., Hotel worker who was a victim of an assault causing multiple serious injuries.


–Elias Z., Laborer electrocuted by a power line leading to multiple injuries, including burns.


–Dr. A., A computer tower fell on Dr. A causing severe injuries to the lower extremities.

100% Permanent Total Disability Award

–Deborah L., Teacher Assistant who who seriously injured after stepping in a hole.


–Laura R., Office Manager who was injured moving boxes which resulted in bilateral Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.

100% Findings and Award

–Daniel G.

100% Findings and Award

–Chris B.


–David Harp

100% Findings and Award SIBTF

–Kevin D.


–Alfonso A.


–Michell P.


–Chris S., Chef injured when a heavy door came down on him.


–Lolita H., Fast food General Manager injured moving frozen food which resulted in numerous surgeries.

100% Permanent Total Disability Award

–Jaime R., Field Supervisor at an iron and metal company fell 12 feet off a tank causing a skull fracture and multiple orthopedic injuries.


–Victoria B., Medical Examiner who was sexually assaulted walking from her car to a client’s home.


–Greg W., Temporary warehouse worker who was injured when he was hit by a reckless co-worker driving a fork lift.

100% PD settlement

–Ahmad K.


–Daniel G.


–Benito C.


–Khon H.


–Francisco J.

I’ve been hurt on the job. Do I have a Workers’ Compensation case?

Workers compensation is a no fault system which provides benefits for injuries at work. This means that so long as you suffered an injury at work, we don’t care whose fault it was: the employers, your own fault, a co-workers, someone other than your employer. If your injury happened at work, you should get workers compensation benefits for your injury. Note that if someone other than your employer or a co-worker caused your injury, you might also be able to bring a personal injury action against that person or company. A workers’ compensation attorney will be able to refer you to a good personal injury attorney.

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