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What is an Agreed Medical Evaluation (AME)?

An Agreed Medical Evaluator is one selected by mutual agreement between your attorney and the insurance company. Unrepresented injured workers may not enter agree to an AME with the insurance company, for the protection of the worker (presumably because the State does not believe that the insurance company will be fair). Agreed Medical Evaluators are [...]

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What Happens During A Panel QME Or AME Evaluation?

Before the medical examination occurs, your medical records and any other documents relevant to your injuries (such as your injury report or statements you’ve given in your case) will be sent to the evaluating doctor. The doctor will decide whether to review the documents before or after the examination. The insurance company will write a [...]

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What is a Panel Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME)?

A Panel Qualified Medical Evaluator is a doctor chosen from a state issued list of three doctors. Qualified Medical Evaluators have passed a test given by the state allowing them to provide medical examinations in Workers’ Compensation cases. The State of California keeps a list of Qualified Medical Evaluators according to specialty and geographical location.

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Why is it very important to respond to the Insurance Companies Panel QME letter within ten days?

Because if you don’t respond in ten days, the Insurance Adjuster gets to choose the Specialty AND the Doctor from the list of three. The Insurance Adjuster is familiar with the process and is motivated to choose the most conservative doctor possible. Commonly, the adjuster will select the specialty, Orthopedics, expecting a report that favors [...]

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