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How do I ensure my mileage and out of pocket expenses are paid?

You are entitled to be reimbursed for mileage related to treatment for the accepted body parts. It is important that you keep very good records of every time you go to the doctor, pick up prescriptions or travel to receive any other approved medical treatment. You are not reimbursed for mileage related to trips to […]

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What is a Medicare Set Aside (MSA)?

There are special rules for when a MSA is required on a case, but it is always required when an injured worker decides, and the insurance company agrees, to settle their right to future medical care while receiving Medicare benefits. The goal of an MSA is to protect Medicare (tax payers) from paying for medical […]

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How much do Workers Compensation attorneys charge?

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys usually charge 15% of the amount of the settlement amount. The fee on a Stipulation with Request for Award settlement is 15% of the dollar value of the permanent disability percentage.  If you settle by Compromise and Release, the fee is 15% of the dollar amount of the entire settlement. You do […]

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How does a Workers Compensation case get settled?

There are two basic types of settlement: Stipulation with Request for Award; and Compromise and Release. Stipulation with Request for Award is an open medical settlement. There is a “stipulation” or agreement about the percentage of permanent disability; the temporary disability paid; and that the insurance company will provide medical care for specific body parts […]

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Should I settle my case with the Insurance Company?

You should not settle directly with the insurance company without consulting with a workers’ compensation attorney. Most workers’ compensation attorneys will be willing to review a proposed settlement without charge to make sure that it is fair. All settlements are also reviewed for adequacy by a judge. Before settling, you need to make sure that: […]

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