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What if I am permanently unable to do the job I was doing when I was injured?

In a perfect world, you would get retraining to do another job. There is no more retraining benefit in California Workers Compensation. Vocational Rehabilitation was a retraining benefit until it got eliminated in 2003. Now, if you are unable to do your the job you held when injured, you may be entitled to a “coupon” […]

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Am I Entitled To A Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher And $5,000 Return To Work Fund Money And How Can I Use The Voucher?

If an injured worker is unable to return to the job they were doing when they suffered the work injury, they may be due a Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher (“Voucher”). Entitlement will depend upon the opinions of the primary treating physician or Midical Legal Evaluator, and if the employer offered the worker permanent modified work, […]

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