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How do I ensure my mileage and out of pocket expenses are paid?

You are entitled to be reimbursed for mileage related to treatment for the accepted body parts. It is important that you keep very good records of every time you go to the doctor, pick up prescriptions or travel to receive any other approved medical treatment. You are not reimbursed for mileage related to trips to court or to your attorney’s office. An exception is if you are attending your deposition in your attorney’s office. There are special forms you need to use to obtain reimbursement (links provided below). Keep in mind that rates of reimbursement for mileage change every year. Look at the bottom of the form, which will indicate the years you are submitting mileage and the reimbursement value. There is no deadline for submitting mileage, but the longer you wait the harder it is for the claims adjuster and likely the longer it will take to be reimbursement. You can expect that if you don’t make it easy on them they will reject the request. They are usually provided 60 days to reimburse you but don’t expect most adjusters will respond this quickly.

You are in the best position to submit these requests and we encourage you to get reports and/or receipts before leaving the doctors’ office or pharmacy, etc. so that you can prove you saw the doctor for the day of your mileage submission. Once you have a completed form, attach receipt/report, submit a copy to the adjuster for reimbursement and keep a copy for yourself. If the adjuster rejects some of the reimbursement request they need to explain specifically which dates are being rejected and why so that you have a chance to respond. Again, the better job you do submitting the request the more likely you will get all of it paid since the adjuster will not have an excuse to deny reimbursement.

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