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FAQ, General

Is The Insurance Company Paying Me The Correct Amount?

Most benefits are based on your weekly earnings on the date of injury.

Temporary disability is paid at two-thirds of your average weekly wage. So, if you earned $900 per week, your temporary disability rate would be $600 per week. The maximum temporary disability rate will depend on the date of injury.

It is important to consider income from second jobs. These earnings may increase your temporary disability rate.

Remember that the insurance company wants to pay as little as possible. They will often try to calculate the rates to keep them low. The process for calculating the rate can be difficult depending on the number of hours worked, bonuses, overtime and scheduled raises. There are several methods of calculation. You want to be certain that a method favorable to you is used.

Permanent Disability is paid at different amounts, depending on the percentage of disability, earnings, and year of injury. How long you receive permanent disability will depend on the level of disability awarded.

Disabilities between 70% and 99% are usually paid at $230/$264.50/$270/$290 per week, depending the date of injury. In addition, once the Permanent Disability is paid out in full, you will be entitled to life pension weekly payment for the rest of your life. The rate of the Life Pension will depend on the date of injury.

100% permanent total disability is paid at the temporary disability rate for life, subject to an annual cost of living increase. (COLA applies for injuries after 1/1/03). Payments are also subject to maximums.

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