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FAQ, General

The Claims Adjuster will not return my phone calls

This is a very common complaint. Insurance adjusters are either overworked, uncaring or individuals who have no idea what they are doing. Many times they are all three. They get changed on your case frequently. Their job is to close your case for the least amount of money possible. Adjusters are regulated by the state. Their case files (including your file) may be reviewed or audited. We recommend that you put communications in writing if he or she does not return your phone calls. You are more likely to get a response. Adjusters are afraid of audits which might reveal that they did not respond to letters you sent. The audits and reviews probably don’t show all the phone calls that the adjuster did not return.

Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Would you want to receive a call from someone every day multiple times per day. NO, and they don’t either. We expect that you will hear from them if you call often and ask for supervisors if you don’t get a call back. It is not your fault that they have been given to many files. You have bills to pay and treatment to receive so you can get back to work and out of the workers’ compensation system. The reality is, there are times you need assistance from someone who works in the system every day.

If you hire a workers’ compensation attorney, the attorney will communicate directly with the adjuster. The adjuster will no longer be allowed to contact the injured worker directly. The attorney has usually has more knowledge on how to force the adjuster to take action. Workers’ compensation attorneys are familiar with your rights and will file for a hearing at the Workers Compensation Appeals Board to get medical treatment that has been delayed or denied (if denied improperly), temporary disability at the correct rate and other workers compensation benefits.

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